25 company vehicles on fire

Published: Sunday, 01 January 2023 – Newsroom

ROME (news) – The flames have engulfed cars and vans


Hell of fire in via Appia Nuova, Capannelle area, during the night. In the parking lot of an open square in front more or less of the racecourse, about 25 vehicles, including cars and vans belonging to a well-known car rental company, suddenly caught fire.

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On the spot some tankers of the Rome and Marino firefighters who, as confirmed by the Roma Capitale police and the Carabinieri, had to work for over 3 hours to extinguish the burning vehicles parked in the Hertz company parking recess.

Huge and very serious damage given the large number of parked cars and vans, some saved by the prompt intervention of the firefighters.

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The ongoing investigations and the viewing of any surveillance cameras in the area will better clarify the causes of the violent, extensive and sudden fire that involved most of the parked vehicles. Fraud is not ruled out given that the cars and vans were parked at a distance from each other.


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