What left the closure of the DLS basketball Campus in Trelew

The third edition of the DLS Campus ended, where a large number of boys and girls could be seen who filled the Trelew Hurricane Gymnasium.

Let’s remember that from the first day the event began, the athletes went through various training sessions and talks that strengthen the character of the player.

“The Campus was once again as successful as the first, with a large number of kids. We spent three days with a staff of trainers and friends who did an incredible job. We are very happy. The kids left happy and the parents too,” he said. Trelewan basketball player Nicolás De los Santos.

Gustavo Sapochnik, coordinator of the event, told us that «we finished the Campus in a group competition with formal matches, which are seven and are made up of a total of 20 players. They were two intense days of training, and we are ending it. The whole day was very good, we have a staff of trainers and everything that has to do with the specific work was carried out impeccably”, he explained and continued, “we are very happy to be able to carry out this new Campus in Trelew”.

Another of those who were part of the coaching staff is the basketball player Facundo Alvarez Ferranti, who also echoed the voices and left us his testimony about this third edition of the DLS Campus. «We had a large number of boys and girls who showed up, and the truth surprised us. We are super happy that the Campuses in the area are beginning to be renovated, as Nito Veira did at the time. We have had a very intense three-day session, with the luck of having coaches of a tremendous level from all over the province, as in the case of Martín Villagrán, or Pessolano, they enrich what this event is and it is also very good for basketball area. The idea of ​​these three days is of modernization where all the basic aspects of the game are worked on, obviously in three days it is complex to polish something, but it is important that both the participating girls and boys take something from each of the stations. For the example in my place, the important thing is that they take a basic knowledge of everything and then polish it in their clubs. At the end, Facundo stated, “the idea is that the boys fall in love with the sport, note that although the Campus took place on vacation and with heat, they showed up to develop these three days of basketball. This makes one’s job comforting, both Sapochnik and De los Santos have several things in mind ahead of them and it is good that people accompany us and to continue holding these types of events that who says, tomorrow to hold a Campus of a week, or more days, is my opinion, “Ferranti concluded.


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