The 5 tennis records that can be broken in 2023

The 5 tennis records that can be broken in 2023

Every year tennis leaves us surprises, unexpected victories, brilliant appearances, defeats of the greatest and, above all, records. This 2022, without going any further, we attended the coronation of the youngest number one in history and we saw how Rafael Nadal reached the record of 22 Grand Slams, more than anyone in history.

With the Balearic Islands still active, with Carlos Alcaraz already established among the best, with Novak Djokovic back… What records can we see in 2023?


The course starts with Rafael Nadal con 22 Grand Slams y con Novak Djokovic hot on its heels with 21. How the year will end is a total mystery, but what is virtually certain is that those numbers will dance; the question is which way.

Will Nadal increase the figure beyond 22 or will Djokovic be the one who not only equals the man from Manacor but also surpasses him? Nadal’s clearest opportunity to continue adding goes through pariswhile Djokovic will be a favorite in each Grand Slam.


As we say, Djokovic is going to be a favorite in every big one he plays. A nine-time Australian champion, a two-time Roland Garros champion, a seven-time Wimbledon winner and three US Open winners, Nole knows how to win on every surface and, without signs that his physical capacity is diminishedwill start on pole in each of the major tournaments.

no one has won the Big Four in the same year since Rod Laver in 1969 and the one who came closest to matching him was Djokovic himself, who in 2021 won Australia, Paris and Wimbledon, before losing the final in New York.


It is a record that is broken year after year. Rafael Nadal is in a position, one more year, to continue increasing its account of titles in Paris. No one in history has won so many times (14) in the same tournament, let alone in a Grand Slam.

Every year has more competition and this season, with Alcaraz and Djokovic, Roland Garros promises to be more exciting than ever.


The oldest Grand Slam champion remains Ken Rosewallwho won the Australian Open in 1972 aged 37 years, one month and 24 days, a record Nadal has a chance to break this year.

What it has to do? Win the US Open. If Nadal wins the title in New York, he will do it older than Rosewall. If he wins Roland Garros, he will do it at the age of 37, while if he wins Wimbledon he will be a few days away from the record.


After his victory in the past Finals ATPNovak Djokovic is in a position to break the record of six Masters Cups that he currently shares with the now retired Roger Federer.

without the helvetian, Djokovic has a free hand for this year to add a seventh Masters Cup and become the most successful tennis player in history in this tournament.


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