[Video]The owner who dyed his pet dog like ‘Pikachu’ and brought him to the basketball court caught the relay camera and criticized the owner | Gogo Communication

[Video]Owner who dyed his pet dog to look like ‘Pikachu’ and brought him to a basketball court

Owners have been accused of dyeing their pet dogs to look like the Pokemon character Pikachu.

On December 27th, a Pikachu-colored puppy was found in the spectator stands of a professional basketball (NBA) game between the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Spectators who visited the stadium that day held a puppy dyed in the same color as “Pikachu”. The puppy was dyed yellow all over, with black on the tips of its ears, brown on its back to match the Pikachu pattern, and red on its cheek balls.

One broadcaster looked at the Pikachu puppy and said, “I don’t think the puppy agreed to be dyed like that,” laughing.

Photos of the “Pikachu dog” have spread widely on various SNS. Most netizens strongly criticize the owners, claiming “animal cruelty”. Critics said, “The owner should be sent to jail,” “Looks like he dyed his dog to get people’s attention,” and “He will do anything for a ‘like.'” Indicated.

Another netizen also criticized bringing the dog to a stadium with more than 22,000 spectators, saying, “I’m worried about how much stress the puppy has suffered in the noisy situation.” Told.

Dog dyed in Pikachu color

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