HBC Phoenix: oliebollen tournament is a day of feasting and sports for the youth

Badminton association Phoenix has traditionally celebrated a tournament for several years, with the appropriate name the oliebollen tournament. This tournament was the 19th oliebollen tournament, so if all goes well there will be an anniversary next year.

The 9-person organization knows how to make it a success every year. That starts with the experienced jury table that was manned by Quinten, Eva, Thomas and Danielle. The age category of the players and players was between 7 and 17 years old. They came from all over the region, Gemert, Beek en Donk, Valkenswaard and even Sint Oedenrode. Therefore gelding 110 children participated.

This morning (27-12-2022) I went to take a look as a neighborhood reporter and what I saw was not disappointing. Upon entering the Veka sports center, it smelled everywhere of a nice sweet baking smell and I saw that a few ladies were puffing heavily in the kitchen area above two large bins. These bins were filled with white balls that gradually changed into the brown oliebol color. In front of the kitchen door there were already a few young people, eager to get their hands on, because there was something for them to get here.

When the oliebollen bowl was quite filled, the children were allowed to come in and grab a nice oliebollen. In no time the bin was empty again. But don’t worry, the two oil troughs were immediately filled again with the sticky balls of batter and not long after that oil balls floated above again. This bowl was also empty again in a short time.

When an adult shouted that it was time to play, the children immediately disappeared. I followed them and ended up in the sports hall where it was very busy. About fifty children were playing badminton in fours. Each field had an umpire who kept score. Every time after the game, a message sounded that it was time for the change of players and players.

The children who had just played knew their way around. They all went to the kitchen where the warm donuts lay beckoning. In the cafeteria, Hein and Ton watched all this with a satisfied smile on their face. This lovable duo were at their friendliest and happiest when things went smoothly. The tournament got off to a good start and went off without a hitch. A few parents and even a grandpa and grandma were sitting at the tables chatting while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or a (fresh) drink. The mood was high.

In the corridors I heard that around 700 oliebollen had been baked that day. But everything comes to an end. At the end of the afternoon there was another fun event. The presentation of the cups, medals and of course the challenge trophy that could be admired all day. This trophy stood perky between the smaller cups and the medal. And when everyone was rewarded with a prize, it was announced that the challenge trophy went to Mixed, who had the tough task of defending the cup again next year. But it had been a tasty and sporty day….

Report and photography: Hans|Choufoer

With special thanks to the board of HBC Phoenix and Hein Nauta

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