Video: La Bombonera sang to the rhythm of “Boys, we got excited again”

For some time now, every December 12th, the fans of Boca they make a pilgrimage to their house, The Bombonerawith the desire to be able to celebrate in his club. They congregate in the stands and sing to the beat of the fans the entire repertoire that plays on match days. However, this year a new theme crept in, since everyone present at Brandsen 805 they sang the famous hit of the moment “Boys, we got excited again”.


The 12 sings for the Selection

Boca Juniors12-12-2022

Boca fans singing for the National Team

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The greetings of the Boca players for the Day of the Fan and the stick of Toto Salvio

A few hours before the duel corresponding to the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar between Argentina and Croatia, the desire of the fans for the game to arrive is total. And they show it with a song that plays everywhere, to the point that it was added to La Bombonera, where all the xeneizes fans sang it to the rhythm to ask for a new triumph for the group led by Lionel Scaloni. They also remembered England, since they all shouted together “the one who doesn’t jump is an Englishman“.

More than 35,000 people went to the Bombonera.  (Mario Quinteros)More than 35,000 people went to the Bombonera. (Mario Quinteros)
Boca fan day: the party at La Bombonera

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Boca fan day: the party at La Bombonera

Boca’s party for his birthday

This edition was not one more, but it was the return of the exclusive event to the Bombonera after five years, since that time in 2017 when all the international trophies and cups were exhibited. The following two years it was held at the Obelisk and around the stadium, in 2020 it was a virtual party due to the pandemic and in 2021 it was held together with a game, at midnight, after the 8-1 win against Central Córdoba, because the squad had to travel to Arabia on the 12th to play the Maradona Cup against Barcelona. Thus, five editions passed without a similar call and in the return, the people did not fail: The 35,000 available tickets were sold out.

Celebration for the day of the Boca fan.  (Mario Quinteros)Celebration for the day of the Boca fan. (Mario Quinteros)

The party was in full swing. Fireworks. The two trophies of the year displayed on some platforms. Two giant flags, one in the field and another covering the entire preferential audience and boxes. And a review of the titles of the Gladiators, of the Reserve kids and, of course, the First Division double between the League Cup and the Professional League.

Boca Juniors12-12-2022

Fireworks at the Bombonera

La Scaloneta covered Boca and River

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La Scaloneta covered Boca and River


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