VIDEO: Enraged citizen hits another man over the head with a bat

An attack on the streets of New York, United States, has unleashed the indignation of the population because a enraged citizen assaulted a passerby who was walking calmly on the sidewalk. The video This terrible moment has already gone viral on social networks and has even been shared by the police to find the person responsible; so far it is known that the victim is receiving medical attention.

Although it was in the last few hours that the video reached global importance, the events occurred last week and it was the police themselves who this Saturday shared the video of the exact moment in which the man punches another in the neck with a baseball bat. According to authorities, the assault occurred on the sidewalk in front of 1770 Amsterdam Ave. in Hamilton Heights on Tuesday at 8:06 a.m.

In the video that has already gone around the world, three people can be seen, one in a red jacket and identified as the victim walking on the sidewalk; while one more person walks in front and was one of the witnesses of the brutal assault. On the other hand, a third man dressed in black walks behind the target; from one moment to the next he pulls out a orange bat of his pants and hits him from behind. After throwing it with a single blow, he returns to yelling at it and kicking it.

Due to man injury, who was identified as a homeless person, who at the end of the video is seen sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed as stable; however, he suffered a laceration and bruises from the heavy blow he received.

What is known about this viral video?

According to police sources cited by the New York Post, the man who was struck down is 47 years old and before the attack he had had a discussion with enraged citizen who is already wanted by the authorities. They also revealed that the last time the attacker was seen he was wearing a hoodie with a “Nike” print on the front, as well as gray pants.

It should be noted that although the recording shows the attacker with his face fully covered, photographs were also released showing his face without the hood of his sweatshirt and without the possible balaclava to hide his identity.

These are the photos released by the police. (Photo: NYPD)


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