The video of Abelardo’s release after Sporting’s victory in Lugo: “This is a rush”

They had been waiting for a victory for a long time. Specifically seven days. He arrived in Lugo, playing with ten and scoring the winning goal in the final stretch of the match. Sporting de Gijón is breathing again after three important points at Anxo Carro that have strengthened the team’s confidence and alleviated the results crisis. The best summary of what it has meant for the team can be seen in how the Gijón dressing room was after the match against the Lugo team. The club has shared a video on social networks of those moments. Abelardo stars in several scenes.

“Thank you guys, thank you,” Abelardo begins to say as his players arrive at the locker room. The coach shares hugs with many of them, while other coaches, such as Tomás Hervás, chat with Queipo. There is another curiosity, the fact that the assistant coach seems to suggest to the footballer that in scenarios like the one last Thursday it is better to play with a “big aluminum cue”. The comment is related to the softness of the grass and the heavy rain. “With eggs, very good, very good,” Cali Izquierdoz is then heard, acknowledging the dedication of his companions. “This is a rush, I shit in the host, come on! Good, guys, good,” he concludes, Abelardo, moving his arm with a clenched fist. The triumph of liberation.


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