The new Tuscolana bridge begins to take shape: place the beams

Published: Friday, 09 December 2022 – Newsroom

FRASCATI (news) – The construction site should close by 21 December – ​​exclusive content

The 5 reinforced concrete beams which represent the support of the new road plan of the roadway towards Rome of the della bridge via Tuscolana.

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The construction site, therefore, after several weeks of almost complete stoppage, has started moving again and the hope is that, as anticipated by the municipal administration of Frascati, it will really be possible in the next few days to at least reopen the passage on via Tuscolana Vecchia tcompleting the two parts of Vermicino penalized by the work in progress.

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According to the timetable the entire activity should be completed by December 21st with the reopening of both carriageways of via Tuscolana and, therefore, with the removal of the construction site.

There is some optimism that times can be compressed even if the bad weather of these days could complicate these plans.

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