The Lobe Huesca La Magia, to recover from casualties and win at home

After a week marked by the dismissal of two players from Lobe Huesca La Magia, Victory Onuetu and Guillem Colom, The competition returns and the people from Huesca visit the Class Basketball Sant Antoni this Saturday on the Balearic Islands court (7:30 p.m.). A challenge before which Santi Cerdán’s men are planted with the illusion of opening the record of victories at home, something that they have not been able to achieve in the three previous trips. The second trip in a row presents the lightest green and white saddlebags.

The team “has not been up to the task” in the last two rounds but “a step forward has been taken and a version is being seen” that Cerdán did not know about. The withdrawals are “decisions by mutual agreement. The expectations were not met for any of the parties and it was the best, we hope it will be beneficial for them, to those of us who wish the best, and for us and let’s win more games”. He has dealt with “tough decisions, these are people losing their jobs. They were not meeting expectations in terms of minutes and performance”.

The people of Huesca believe that they have lost their identity at times, which “is not so worrying because I see that we are capable of playing very good basketball.” Cerdán wants to “break up the games at times when we can do it”, for which he has rehearsed this week with a view to “maintain more regularity and identity”. With a lesser rotation, the aim is to find spare parts in a market “that was already complicated in summer. We are not in a hurry, with the players we have we are more than prepared to compete and achieve an identity”.

Cerdán considers that “positive conclusions have been drawn” from the defeat against Mollet, “and we hope to give a face change for the next match”. Another of the aspects that have to be corrected affects the shooting selections and the coach insists that “At the moment we circulate the ball well, but sometimes we are not generous and individualities and the collective prevail more. There the team makes a mistake and the rivals take the opportunity to make us partial ”. Cerdán is not dissatisfied with the game, “but he is with certain moments of the matches.”


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