Staggering: Roger Federer has been expelled from Wimbledon


TennisStaggering: Roger Federer has been expelled from Wimbledon

Two weeks ago, a security guard stubbornly refused entry to Master, guilty of not having his membership card.

Roger who? At Wimbledon, where he was crowned eight times, a woman did not recognize Roger Federer.


Invited on the set of Trevor Noah for the Daily Show (Comedy Central), Roger Federer revealed a staggering and hilarious anecdote. Not long ago, he was turned away from Wimbledon, security stubbornly refusing him entry.

The scene told by the tennis legend took place two weeks ago. The Balois was in London for a medical appointment. As he had a handful of hours to kill, he decided to go and have a tea at Wimbledon, where he marked the most beautiful pages of his history.

Accompanied by his entourage, the Master drove to the All England Lawn Tennis Club, got out of the car near a guest entrance and went to see a woman in charge of security, relate le «New York Post».

“I won this tournament”

This woman, and it is staggering, did not recognize Federer. She told him that you need a membership card to enter… The young retiree explained to Trevor Noah that when you win Wimbledon, you automatically become a member. But he has no idea where his card might be since he never needed it.

“I said to him: No, I don’t have my membership card, but I am a member. I just wonder where I can get in,” said the tennis player. The woman remained inflexible. And Federer must then have been surprised to be told that he had been crowned at Wimbledon. “I look at her one last time and say to her: I am very sorry but I have won this tournament eight times, please believe me, I am a member”…

The following? It was much less surprising: Federer tried his luck at another entrance and he was obviously very well received, finally being able to enter the enclosure.

Inside, the champion joked, he hesitated to go to the side of the woman who had refused him entry to tease her. “I thought about going to wave to him but I didn’t,” he laughed.



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