Sporting’s dressing room assumes the mistake: “We lost the game”

Sporting assumes the missed opportunity at the Tartiere. On a day in which the team aspired to give back to its fans a victory that would break with the blue trend in regional duels, Jony was the voice of the locker room out of frustration over the result. “We talked about it at half-time. Only we could lose this game and that’s how it has been,” lamented the Cangués, starter at Tartiere, in anger at seeing how the team wasted their best minutes.

The crossing of statements between players from one team and the other has lengthened the derby beyond what was seen on the green of Tartiere. After Borja Bastón slipped “another one for the account, keep talking, keep talking”, in celebration of the triumph of the blue team, Guille Rosas showed his point of view on social networks. “Always proud of mine, no matter how much they want, the past is never forgotten. Always Sporting”, commented the man from Gijón.

In the rojiblanco dressing room he wants to wipe the slate clean as soon as possible. Try to forget what happened in the derby and focus on the Copa del Rey. “It’s not going to affect us at all, as if we had won. You have to think about the Cup now, as if we had won. We weren’t going to have excessive euphoria for winning here either,” Abelardo said after witnessing the blue party at the Tartiere. The audience even ended up singing “Sing and don’t cry”, from the popular Mexican song “Cielito lindo”. Joy on the rival side, unleashed.

“We know the importance of this game and what the derby means. We leave very bitter and very bad about how the game went. If it weren’t for the penalty I think we deserved more. We have to face football as it is”, Zarfino commented after the match. The Uruguayan was one of the footballers the fans trusted to make victory at the Tartiere possible 21 years later. He, like the rest of his teammates, defended Cali Izquierdo, the protagonist of the penalty that ended up giving Oviedo the victory. “There’s not much to tell him. He’s screwed, like everyone else,” Jony commented.

Djuka also assumed the lack of a goal as a must in his private account. “I’m calm, nobody wants to score a goal more than me, but these are things that happen to forwards. I’m calm because I believe in this team, I have the confidence of the club and I’m going to get out of this streak. We have the Cup match, recharge the batteries in the holidays and do my best for the second round”, concluded the Sporting striker. The Montenegrin added the seventeenth league game at the Tartiere without seeing a goal.


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