Show and ovation in the debut of Facundo Campazzo in Red Star of Serbia: great attendance and a double on the buzzer

Show and ovation in the debut of Facundo Campazzo in Red Star of Serbia: great attendance and a double on the buzzer

Facundo Campazzo, a point guard from Córdoba, made his debut with an outstanding performance in which he displayed all his varied repertoire of assists and passes, which aroused several cheers from the fans of his new team in Serbia. Red Starwho defeated Borac 86-57 in a match corresponding to the Adriatic Basketball League.

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The Argentine came on from the substitute bench to take over from his compatriot, friend and teammate also in the Argentine national team, the point guard from Mar del Plata Luca Vildoza. The former Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks, of the NBA, spent just under 20 minutes on the court and in that period he converted 11 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals.

Campazzo started the game in the best way, because as soon as he entered he scored three points to receive the first exclamation of approval from the public, something that he continued with an assist on the mark and under the board.

In addition, he completed a double on the buzzer to end the quarter with a fantastic pitch. The number 7 on the chest of the vertically striped red and white jersey was the first image that Campazzo showed in his new basketball destination, and showed that despite his sudden departure from the Mavericks, his state of mind and game are still intact.

The Cordovan began his new cycle in Serbia.

Facundo Campazzo spoke after the victory of Red Star

Speaking to local media in Belgrade, which reproduced Basketball Plusthe former NBA Dallas Mavericks remarked upon his arrival that he feels “happy to be with this team and this coach” (el prestigious Montenegrin Dusko Ivanovic). “Nikola Jokic (the Serb who was his teammate in the Denver Nuggets) and Luka Doncic (the Slovenian with whom he shared a team at Real Madrid and the Mavericks) helped me a lot to get here”, he revealed.

“Jokic told me more about Belgrade and helped me choose the best place to live, and Luka wrote me to congratulate me, he told me that he is happy that I came here,” he said. But his greatest gratitude was directed at his teammate in the Argentine national team, Luca Vildoza from Mar del Plata, with whom he spoke “a little before signing, and long after confirming my arrival.” “It was one of the reasons why I am here; see how he readapted his game to the Euroleague, to FIBA ​​basketball, after going through the NBA (New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks). It is that having a friend like him here is very important, ”explained the Cordovan point guard.

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Facundo Campazzo referred to the possibility of returning to Real Madrid

The Cordovan spoke about the chance to return to Real Madrid.“It was not concrete and that is why I am at Red Star, with whom I signed for two seasons and I hope to fulfill them until the end”. The former Peñarol de Mar del Plata, who gave everything to continue in the NBA but it was not possible, began a new professional adventure in Serbia. “The other day I saw how they gave him an ovation when he played against Zalgiris Kaunas (from Lithuania) and it was crazy. He gave me goosebumps and ended up making me decide to come here. He is playing at a very high level and the people love him, ”Campazzo highlighted.


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