Iván Zamorano assures that Julián Álvarez is better than Haaland and MbappéHalftime

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Ivan “Bam Bam” Zamorano he didn’t beat around the bush, and although he may have wanted to look good during an interview with the Argentinian newspaper Oléhe released a statement that surely a good handful will not share.

And it is that he former Chilean strikerwho in the Liga MX outside Champion with the America from Manuel Lapuentewhen asked about what he thought of one of the new sensations of the soccer pampero, Julian Alvarezwho just a week ago was crowned with the albiceleste World Champion in Qatar 2022in addition to highlighting the qualities of the kid, put him above the strikers who today are considered to be the best on the planet.

It is clear that the Andean fell in love with the attacker of the Manchester Unitedhence it portends a great career with Los Citizens and the absolute of his country.

Julián is the most complete forward there is. It does everything right. Haaland (Erling) it doesn’t go well on the sides y Mbappé (Kylian) We have already seen that ‘9’ does not generate much participation, and Julián does all of that, ”he assured in dialogue with the sports publication.

hero reception

Álvarez, barely 22 years old, was cheered by a crowd that received him in his town Limestone, Córdobaand in his speech he told those present that work is the key to success in any field.

“I never imagined not fulfilling my dreams, that they happen to me at 22 years old is incredible. There are always things to keep dreamingIt is the purpose of life. I tell everyone, keep dreaming, keep believing. If they work, they sacrifice, and above all, if they are good people, each day they are closer to achieving their goals and their dreams,” he harangued. the spider.


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