Second consecutive Olympic champion, Shohei Ono, curtain on “Judo life” that was too stoic … Study in the UK in the future (East Sports WEB) | d menu news (NTT Docomo)

Shohei Ohno intends to retire from the front line

Shohei Ohno (30 = Asahi Kasei), who has won two consecutive Olympic gold medals in the judo men’s 73-kilogram class, has fought against the fiercest fighters in the world with a stronger resolve than anyone else.

Originally from Yamaguchi Prefecture, after moving to Tokyo in junior high school, he spent six years of junior high and high school at Kodo Gakusha, a judo private school that has produced numerous Olympic medalists. She won her first world championship in 2013 after attending Tenri University. She made a name for herself on the world stage, winning gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

He has won and defended the throne in a natural position. Maintaining motivation was not easy, but Takamasa Anai, head coach of the Tenri University judo club, said, “I think people definitely have their ups and downs, but in a match where I was determined to enter even though I was in a position where results were always demanded, I would definitely do it. I’m going to bring my peak.

I’ve done everything I had to do to win. During rehearsals, even Director Anai gave off an air of intimacy. When he was unable to practice satisfactorily due to the novel coronavirus, he trained in a parking lot with Koji Kikuzuma, a weightlifter who represented Japan at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and was an employee of Tenri University. Because he has survived the world of “Kodo Gakusha” where the fittest can survive, he has used his own sense of smell to take in what he needs and has led to his growth.

According to a source related to the Zenjuren, after indicating his intention to retire from the front line, he will apply for the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC)’s overseas training program for sports instructors in fiscal 2011. He hopes to study in England. As long as he didn’t lose his temper, Ohno kept going up to the tatami mats. Now that he has achieved one goal, he has decided to step into a new stage.


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