on penalties, Brazil is checkered the pawn by Croatia – Liberation

2022 World Cup in Qatardossier

On the brink and led to the score in overtime, the Croatian vice-world champions turned the tide and eliminated the Brazilian favorite on penalties (1-1, 4-2) in the first quarter-final of the World Cup.

“Never underestimate a Croatian”, recalled the coach Vlatko Dalic at the end of the eighth. How to prove him wrong this Friday: the vice-world champions have just achieved one of the sensations of the World Cup in Qatar, by ousting the Brazilian favorite in the first quarter-final of the competition. They won on penalties (4-2), after coming back to score in extra time (1-1).

Purring, sometimes jostled in the first period, Brazil gradually put their foot on the ball, creating several big chances, especially after returning from the locker room. For a long time, the auriverde armada stumbled on a huge Dominik Livakoviv. In line with his round of 16 against Japan, where he took three shots on Japanese goal, goalkeeper Vatreni delayed the deadline and maintained the suspense.

He ended up losing on a breakthrough from Neymar. The PSG player relied successively on Rodrygo then Paqueta before dribbling Livakovic (105th + 1) to score in the empty goal. A nod to history: with this 77th goal, the “Ney” joins Pelé at the top of the ranking of top scorers in the history of the Brazilian selection.

But the Croats never gave up. On a left side counter three minutes from time, Bruno Petkovic equalized with a left shot deflected by Marquinhos in the 117th minute.

In the penalty shootout, Livakovic took out Brazil’s first shot. Then it was Marquinhos who sent the fourth shot Auriverde on the post, and Croatia in the semi-final. She will challenge next Tuesday (8 p.m.) the winner of the quarter between Argentina and the Netherlands, who face each other this Friday at 8 p.m.

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