NFL Betting Tips Week 14 – 2022 Season

Do you want to bet on the NFL? We bring you the information you need. Any questions or comments can be left under the post or on Twitter at @AndresOrnelasH. Here are my NFL 2022 betting tips for week 14. Let’s get started!

Remember that the lines calculated on the day the article is published. If you can’t find a line for one or several matches, we will try to update on Friday or Saturday, depending on the information available.

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In the past week We had a 7-6 spread, high/low 6-7, Top 5: 3-2, Set well, Teaser well, Surprise bad.

Accumulated record at the moment:

  • Spread: 98-94
  • TOP 5: 37-31
  • Fixed of the week: 11-3
  • Surprise of the week: 9-4
  • Super Teaser: 8-4-1

Glossary and notes:

  • Locals show up first, visitors later
  • ATS: against the spread (or odds)
  • YPP: yards per game
  • PPP: points per game
  • NYPP: Net Yards Per Play (Offensive YPG minus Defensive YPG) / This statistic removes “luck” from turnovers
  • Games that start with an asterisk
  • They are the ones that count for the Top 5 section and more information is given in the section of the same name. For purposes of this article, equipment that has bold

is the one that covers the spread and therefore the side that I am predicting to win the bet, regardless of whether it wins or loses on the score

Here my NFL betting tips Week 14 – Season 2022

weekly forecasts

TNF – Thursday, December 8

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Rams (+6, 44.5)

The Raiders already recognized themselves and have an identity, while the Rams are thinking about how to develop players to see if they are useful for the future. Forecast:Raiders 20

Rams 13 – BAJAS

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