Mhoni Vidente predicted which teams will win in the quarterfinals, will he be right?

Next Friday, December 9, the quarterfinals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will begin, in which the eight best teams in the world will face each other, in search of a place in the semifinals of the most important sports event on the planet. That is why everyone begins to make their forecasts of which will be the teams that will play the next phase.

The fortune teller Mhoni Vidente, who predicted the elimination of the Mexican team in the first round, was one of those who gave her predictions regarding what will happen between Friday and Saturday when the quarterfinals of the World Championship are played. According to her, her “powers” have already allowed her to see how these parties will be defined.

On Friday, Brazil and Croatia will open the quarterfinal phase. And according to the Mexican clairvoyant, this match will be sealed with Brazil’s qualification, which will have no problem eliminating the Croats and advancing to the World Cup semifinal. where he would have to wait for the winner of the Netherlands and Argentina.

Precisely, about this match, Mhoni Vidente warned that it will also bring a South American victory. According to the Mexican, the Argentine team will continue with the live illusion of the third world title and will eliminate the Netherlands team this Friday. The same team that the Albiceleste won their first World Cup in 1978.

The most anticipated match of the quarterfinals is the one that will face the teams of France and England, since they are two teams that have many world stars that make them favorites to be champions in Qatar. However, the seer assured that the victory will be French and the current champion will be in the semifinals of the tournament.

However, Mhoni Vidente did not dare to say the winner of the clash between Portugal and Morocco, since, according to her, she could not clearly see the team that will qualify for the semifinals to face France. For which she herself stated that she will not give a verdict on this commitment.

“Holland (Netherlands) and Argentina, Argentina wins. Between France and England, which is going to be great, I see that love is love and France wins. Brazil has been beating Croatia, most likely; however, I cannot give a winner of the series between Morocco and Portugal”, affirmed the seer.

Defined the ideal team of the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar 2022: there are surprises

After 17 days in a row without stopping where the Qatar 2022 World Cup was played on occasions in two and up to four shifts, this December 7 there was the first stop in action. It will be two days for the action to resume on Friday with the quarterfinals, where England vs. France; Argentina vs. Netherlands; Brazil vs. Croatia and Portugal vs. Morocco fight for the four spots in the semifinals of the championship.

After having played the first round of direct elimination, there were several surprises that were revealed in the championship, which undoubtedly had the brilliant elimination of Spain as the one that drew the most attentionin addition to the stellar performance of Gonçalo Ramos with a treble in the replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, which was a complete surprise for the fans of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, also in the last few hours and after what was the analysis of the round of 16 phase, the renowned media Brand put together the ideal eleven of that instance of the tournament, putting among the names with the most prominence the strikers who are commanded by the current championship scorer, Kylian Mbappé and the Albiceleste captain, Lionel Messi, accompanied by other names that give him a quality leap to the conformation of the payroll.

1. Dominik Livaković (Croatia, archer)

2. Denzel Dumfries (Netherlands, right back)

3. Thiago Silva (Chelsea, central)

4. Pepe (Portugal, central)

5. Daley Blind (Netherlands, left-back)

6. Nordin Amrabat (Morocco, flying)

7. Jude Bellingham (England, midfielder)

8. Antoine Griezmann (France, flying)

9. Kylian Mbappé (France, forward)

10. Lionel Messi (France, striker)

11. Gonçalo Ramos (Portugal, forward)



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