Judo-CSEN National Championships good results for Sakura

Grosseto: The weekend of 3 and 4 December took place in Follonica i CSEN National Championships, where the athletes deJudo Grosseto Sakura in collaboration with the Judo Albinia gym of the master Aveliano Bettolini, they have obtained excellent results; in Boys category participated by ranking at the 1st place Mazzetti Michael, Chipa Caterina, 2nd place Pitel Maxim, Bularga Alessandro, Di Guardo Miryam, 3rd place for Piatto Alessandra; in the Beginners category A 1st place went to Glutnic Nicola, 3rd place for Jimenez Samuel; in the Beginners B category Fuligni Sofia qualified in 2nd place, 7th place for Sprinceana Dimitrie, 9th place for Cirlan Manuel, excellent performance also for Foiu Eduardo. On Sunday they participated in the Cadets category, finishing at 5 place De Gregorio Riccardo and in the category Under 23 the athlete Petcoglo Semion ranks 9th, good race also for the athlete Gianluca Pogorelli.

The Masters Gino Peccianti and Mauro Galeotti, the coach Stefano Mazzetti and Battaglia Giovanni congratulate all the athletes for the beautiful race.



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