Invisible advantage: why the National Team is better prepared for this round of 16 match

“I have seen an Argentine National Team that, after losing to Saudi Arabia, everything around it has been very demanding. I was able to see the match against Mexico in the stadium and I saw the players as if they were not playing a second phase match groups Back then, Argentina was playing an instance in which there was much more than three points in dispute. So, risking the chance of not continuing in a World Cup in each game is a requirement that you have to know how to manage”.

The divan analysis came from Fernando Hierro, a guy who may not have studied good old Sigmund and his friends very much, but who Mental issues put into play in a World Cup knows a lot.

The face of the team is another.  Trust, too.  (Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy)The face of the team is another. Trust, too. (Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy)

The legend of Real Madrid and the Spanish team experienced firsthand the psychological crisis that the Lionel team had to overcome to reach the second round. The debacle of the fatal seven minutes that determined the defeat against Arabia meant once again navigating in seas of uncertainty, with the need to face the chance of a direct elimination from the second game, much sooner than expected. From that scenario, and the risk that a team assumes this stress in advance is what Hierro was talking about just three days ago.

That tie to which the former Spanish defender refers was clearly seen in the second half of the debut and in the first against Mexico, but after Messi’s goal against El Tri he began to fall behind. Y The definitive test came against Poland: there, the National Team played its best game, perhaps on the podium of the Scaloni cycle, because it did so with authority, ease, with some trouble in the definition but little by little he was also leaving behind. Thus, he sealed a comfortable 2-0 and the classification in first place in the group that opens another expectation for the remainder of Qatar 2022.

Argentine National Team2-12-2022

The 27 touches of Argentina’s second goal against Poland

“Against Saudi we suffered a blow in time. We knew how to recover from playing to avoid elimination, and we went back to being the team we are”. In the winning dressing room, the synthesis of Leo Messi provides an interesting look. What two days ago seemed -and was- a serious problem, somehow became an advantage: the team got used to playing without a net, took on the blow of having to play to continue, with no margin for error, and now He even seems comfortable in kill kill mode, a scenario that most teams will now have to assimilate.

In fact, already after the fall in the debut, In the Argentine concentration the World Cup was taken as if they were series of 32nd (Mexico), 16th (Poland) and now Australia will come in 8th. “It was a defeat that made us stronger,” said Dibu Martínez, accompanying her captain’s message.

Argentine National Team2-12-2022

Mac Allister scored the 1 to 0 for Argentina

Without being a guarantee, it is a detail that gives peace of mind. Otamendi himself also left a sentence that went along this line: “This is a team that has grown stronger under pressure, This was demonstrated against Mexico, when we had to win and we did. And also now with Poland, which was another final and we never lost focus. Now we have to keep moving forward…”. That’s what it’s all about…