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Appeal to federal politics

bad homburg – The CDU/SPD coalition will submit a motion at the next city council meeting, according to which the magistrate, together with other affected cities, should lobby Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) to ensure that the federally owned Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) also has the December 31st paid the DB agencies in the stations a commission for the sale of DB tickets, so that sales at the counter do not have to be stopped. At the end of 2020, DB closed its travel center at Bad Homburg train station. To ensure that travelers continue to receive on-site advice and stationary ticket sales, the city has supported the expansion and continuation of the DB agency in the form of a voluntary service and has so far received a sales-related commission from Deutsche Bahn. In January 2023, Deutsche Bahn will introduce a new agency model and, as this newspaper has reported, will cancel the entire commission for most of the agencies. However, since the license fees to DB would continue to accrue, continued operation by the city would not be financially feasible. Now the coalition wants to intervene. At the same time, the magistrate is asked to try to set up a DB travel center again in the station.

“It is completely incomprehensible why there is a DB travel center at the Kronberg S-Bahn terminus or at the purely through station Frankfurt-Rödelheim, but not at the Bad Homburg junction,” said the mobility policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group, Dr. Roland Mittmann. “After all, it’s not just the S5 and the Taunusbahn that meet here, but also the regional train to Friedberg, the U2 and the Regionaltangente West.” judo



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