The family of San Bonaventura in Montefiascone

The conference that was held yesterday afternoon in the hall of the municipal library, in the presence of about twenty-five people, organized by the Cultural Initiative Center Association with the patronage of the municipality of Montefiascone, was very interesting.

Speaker Prof. Giancarlo Baciarello on the theme: The family of St. Bonaventure in Montefiascone.

The Baciarello has highlighted the historical period and the reasons why the family, originally from Bagnoregio, arrived and took root in the city of Montefiascone, integrating with the local population.

This happened around fourteen hundred.

Montefiascone, at the time, was not only a city known for its moscatello, which attracted illustrious and cultural figures, but also for its strategic position on the crossroads of the Via Francigena, traveled by the French and Spaniards, with the Via Romea traveled by by the Germans, the Poles, the Romanians, the Hungarians.
It was a city that had drinking water from the Roiano, Castagno, Cannelle springs, still present, and hot water from the springs of the Perlata valley.

Montefiascone was a city full of life characterized by the passage of pilgrims and wayfarers, who stopped to be treated, refreshed and assisted. In the city there were various craft businesses: blacksmiths, bakers, hoteliers, hay sellers, shoemakers, weavers, apothecaries.
The Bonaventura family was called by the city authorities who even offered a welcome subsidy to those who came to work and to those who wanted to study.

The Bonaventura family entered because it had specialized surgeons and doctors within it, competent in various subjects. The Bonaventuras increased the spice sector with the opening of two shops. They asserted themselves in the head of the notary, the advocacy and the safeguarding of the law; they acted as witnesses in notarial deeds, stipulation contracts, civil cases.

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