Brilliant: the Selection hit by the Children of Columbus Choir

The hit is already traveling the world. From several countries they want to copy it, understand it, but it is not easy. It is the one that talks about Diego, about Tota, about Lionel, about the return to the Maracana. The one that asks for “I want to win the third, I want to be world champion.” It is heard and heard everywhere and now in the very Teatro Colón, cradle of music and art.

Great idea, brilliant to listen to the boys from the Colón Children’s Choir, in one of the halls of the theater singing the hit of La Mosca. Little flags, shirts and a lot of passion to sing the hit that sounds loud in every game of the National Team.

Argentine National Team16-12-2022

The hit of the Selection by the Children’s Choir of Columbus

Thus, it was a pleasure to see the group of children led by César Bustamente, who has held the position of director of the area since 2010.


Lionel Messi16-12-2022

Leo’s favorite song

According to the official website of the Teatro Colón, these are the members: Carolina Adaglio

Tobias Britez Rutkauskas

Avril Figueroa Quintanilla

Florence Garcia Barrera

Bianca Palacios Piccaluga


Lionel Messi16-12-2022

The World Cup hit that Messi likes


The history of this topic is amazing: Fernando Romero, a high school catechist and Racing fan, is the author of the lyrics of the song of the moment. In dialogue with Olé, he tells how he composed the hit that is sung throughout the country, which generates millions of views on digital platforms and which is recognized by Messi himself as his favorite song of this World Cup. “I am a Racing fan -Fernando says- and going to the field is the lung of my life. As many know, this song by “Muchachos” is the great hit of the fans. Good or bad, everyone knows it or has it from somewhere. From this melody arose the idea of ​​making a song that would push the players forward so that they would give twice as much on the pitch and, in turn, lift up the people in the stands. That was my reasoning when creating it.”

-And how did it come to you?

-I remember that I was at home, preparing dinner while chatting with my wife, who was the first to trust what I was beginning to write. While I was cooking, I was listening to music and thinking about how to bring this song idea down to a lyric. As soon as the lyrics came out, I sang it on television and it went viral instantly.

– Many people wonder: How come the creator of this topic is not in Qatar?

– Many people wanted to take me to Qatar and have offered it to me, but I was never in favor of a campaign to take me. I’m really ashamed that they want to spend so much money on me. I think there are a lot of things to take care of before as a country before taking me to Qatar. Hopefully that is what brings us all together and we do something for those who suffer the most.


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