EsquiOU offers 735 places for children born between 2011 and 2014

Ourense Provincial Council, in collaboration with the Manzaneda Mountain Station, is organizing a new edition of the EsquiOU sports program, which this year offers 735 places for children born between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2014. The total number of places will be divided into seven shifts of 105 each.

The EsquiOU initiative was presented yesterday by the second vice president of the Provincial Council, César Fernández, and the director of the Manzaneda Mountain Resort, Víctor Manuel Picos. The first highlighted that it is “a program already consolidated as a winter activity for young people in the province, which has worked very well since its first edition in 2015 and which has a very important demand.” He also highlights the important investment of the provincial government so that this activity has a price “affordable for all families.”

For his part, Picos explains that “from the Manzaneda Mountain Station they are very happy to receive the EsquiOU program again and all the young people of the province.” The director points out that “the main objective is for children to learn to ski.” During the three days of the activity, “other recreational-sports activities, such as archery, hiking or swimming,” will be carried out.

Groups by districts

The duration of the stay is three days and two nights, always from Monday to Wednesday and including accommodation, pension food, ski course and other complementary activities. The distribution of children in shifts will be done by geographical proximity, to achieve more homogeneous groups. The first shift will be from January 23 to 25, for the regions of Terra de Celanova and Baixa Limia. The second, from January 30 to February 1, for the regions of O Ribeiro and O Carballiño. From February 6 to 8, for the children of Verín u Viana; from February 13 to 15, for Valdeorras; from 20 to 22, for Ourense; from March 27 to 1, for Allariz-Maceda-A Limia and, finally, from March 6 to 8 for Terra de Caldelas and Terra de Trives.

Registration can be done from yesterday through the email [email protected], and the deadline for submitting applications ends on January 12. The price of the stay per participant will be 29 euros.


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