American journalist Grant Wahl died while covering Argentina

He reportedly passed out in the stadium and was taken to the hospital. A day before he had told that he was dealing with bronchitis. At the start of the World Cup, he went viral after Qatari authorities detained him for wearing an LGBT shirt.

Renowned American sportswriter Grant Wahl49 years old, died while covering the match between the Argentina and Netherlands teamfor the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup 2022. He would have suffered a cardiac arrest, but his brother reported that it was a murder.

As reported by New York PostGrant collapsed at the Lusail Stadium and was taken to a nearby hospital, but they did not confirm whether he died while being transported or at the medical center.

His American colleagues sitting near him said that Wahl he slumped in his seat in the press box during extra time and that they requested assistance immediately.

His brother shared a video on his Instagram account that it was a homicide: “My name is Eric Wahl. I live in Seattle, Washington. I am the brother of Grant Wahl. My brother was healthy. He told me that he received death threats. I don’t think my brother just died, I think he was murdered. And I just ask for any help.”

“I am gay. I am the reason why he wore the rainbow shirt in the World Cup,” he completed. The LGBT shirt to which he refers is the same one that Grant wore to enter the stadium in the match between the United States and Wales, in the group stage, and which cost him to be delayed by the Qatari authorities.

“Security guard refusing to let me into USA-Wales stadium. You have to change your shirt. Not allowed,” Grant tweeted on Nov. 21.

And he deepened his experience: “What happened when the Qatar World Cup security detained me for 25 minutes for wearing a shirt that supported LGBTQ rights, he took my phone by force and angrily demanded that i take off my t-shirt to enter the stadium.

Grant Wahl’s brother reported that he was killed.

Just a day before his death, he had recounted on his podcast that for the last few days he had been dealing with bronchitis and that he was not feeling well: “I think my body told me, even after the United States left, ‘dude, no you’re getting enough sleep’. He rebelled against me ”.

“So I had a case of bronchitis this week, I’ve been to the medical clinic in the media center twice, including today. Today I feel better. I basically canceled everything I had this Thursday and took a nap. And I’m a little better. I think you can probably tell in my voice that I’m not 100 percent,” she completed.

American journalist Grant Wahl died while covering Argentina - Netherlands: his brother believes he was murdered.  AFP photo.
American journalist Grant Wahl died while covering Argentina – Netherlands: his brother believes he was murdered. AFP photo.

In a most recent article, he took a harsh shot at the Qatari authorities: “They just don’t care. Qatar World Cup organizers don’t even hide their apathy over migrant worker deaths, including the most recent one.”

His last post on Twitter dates from 6:05 p.m. (Argentine time) on Friday, when he wrote: “An incredible free-kick goal designed by the Netherlands.”

His wife, Celine Gounder, said: “I am so grateful for the support of my husband Grant Wahl’s soccer family and so many friends who have reached out tonight. I’m in complete shock”.

His arrest for an LGBT T-shirt

the american journalist Grant Wahl denounced through his Twitter account that they held him for 25 minutes at the entrance to the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, before the United States – Wales game, because he had a rainbow on his shirt, in support for the LGBT communityin a country, Qatar, where homosexuality is a crime.

According to Wahl, a security officer told him, “You have to change your shirt. That’s not allowed.” The 47-year-old professional refused and immediately tweeted what was happening, before guards took his phone away.

“One security guard told me my shirt was ‘political’ and not allowed. Another consistently refused to give me back my phone. Another guard yelled at me while standing on top of me, and I was sitting on a chair, which had to take off my shirt,” he said.

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