Alfredo Arias confessed that he was going to leave Santa Fe even if he had no offers

While Santa Fe Independent looking for technician after With the resignation of Alfredo Arias, the Uruguayan coach is already coaching his new club, Peñarol.

The resignation of Alfredo Arias from the ‘Cardenal’ box has been a headache in Santa Fe; The search for a new strategist has been difficult, which has delayed the officialization of departures, renewals and signings.

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However, in the last hours the official press conference of Alfredo Arias as the new DT of Peñarol was held and there he gave a statement that fell badly on the fans of Santa Fe, demonstrating that his departure from ‘Cardenal’ had been imminent for months, as he said in his farewell, “it was for the health of his parents”.

What Alfredo Arias said that upset the fans of Santa Fe

“It was not at all difficult to decide on the arrival in Peñarol. I had already defined that I was going to return to the country at the end of this year whether or not I had a teamdespite the fact that I had a year and a half left on my contract,” he said.

The ‘charrúa’ already had the first training sessions with his club and on the 22nd he will go out to take part in the end-of-year festivities. “I found a lot of good wood, with guys who want to turn the page and look forward. It doesn’t matter who we were before, but what we are going to do from now on.

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We are going to try to recover that Peñarol who has to win always and everywhere. The history of this great team is based on sacrifice and humility, hopefully we will rely on those values ​​”, ended.


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