World Cup in Qatar: Klopp attacks FIFA – “The system stinks”

WM World Cup in Qatar

Klopp attacks FIFA – “The system stinks”

Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp: “It’s a disaster”

Source: dpa/Zac Goodwin

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Jürgen Klopp is known for his clear words. In a podcast, the Liverpool FC coach is now preparing for a harsh general settlement with Fifa. The award of the World Cup to Qatar is a “disaster” for Klopp.

JDespite all the criticism, ürgen Klopp will watch World Cup matches in Qatar. Also because some of his Liverpool FC players are in action there. “I will not base my daily routine on football and will also take a few days’ vacation. When I have time, I watch games and when I don’t, I don’t,” Klopp, 55, said on the Ball You Need Is Love podcast.

He does not accuse Qatar of wanting to host the World Cup. “But then you just have to say, all well and good, I understand friends, do tournaments, play tennis, do Formula 1 races, but the soccer World Cup – that’s not possible, sorry!” Even when the World Cup was awarded Things like the difficult human rights situation and the unfavorable timing (“There have probably never been so many injured before a World Cup”) were clear.

“It is a disaster. It was completely clear that it wouldn’t work from our normal point of view, and yet it happened.” He doesn’t understand that headlines are now being created “with the thing” and the actual problem is not being tackled. “And that’s where the system stinks. Since then, Fifa has hardly changed at all. Only the head has changed. Infantino says it will be the best World Cup ever, well congratulations,” said Klopp sarcastically, referring to statements by World Association President Gianni Infantino.

Klopp protects players

At the same time, the coach defended the players, who are expected to repeatedly comment on the controversial human rights situation in the emirate before the tournament begins on Sunday (until December 18). “It bothers me that the players are put in a situation where they have to be so politically correct all the time. There are enough people on the planet who can talk about it, and they should,” said Klopp.

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Twelve years ago, when “the mess” happened, the players were still children and “they didn’t know that they were going to have anything to do with the World Cup. Now they should say yes, I stand up for that, I stand up for that. They should play football, the best they can. Everyone else is welcome to chat about it. But that won’t change anything, it leads to more and more misunderstandings.”

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