World Cup in Qatar ‘is a mistake’, says Pro League boss: ‘Totally inconsistent’

Organizing the Football World Cup in Qatar is a mistake, said Pro League CEO Lorin Parys on Thursday at the microphone of local television ROBtv (Flemish Brabant). The head of the organization in charge of the professional football championships in Belgium returns in particular to the controversy surrounding the “One Love” armband.

FIFA has banned captains of teams taking part in the World Cup in Qatar from wearing this colorful armband, in favor of inclusion and against discrimination. “’Football brings people together’, this is the message on the armband. Who can be opposed to that?” asks Mr. Parys. “Getting down on one knee and other symbols against discrimination are allowed. I can no longer follow FIFA policy. It’s totally incoherent.”

The CEO also explains that the way the World Cup was awarded to Qatar and the situation in this country are not likely to encourage him to go there. He added that the Belgian Football Union had voted against the award to Qatar. “But if FIFA still decides to organize the tournament there, then I find that the Red Devils must go there. »



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