The beast on the SS16, yesterday the first meeting of heavy vehicles organized by Camect

MONTENERO DI BISACCIA. In his time they were the dream of every child, at least for boys, as well as indispensable means of transport. Yesterday they made a fine show of themselves for a good stretch of State Road 16, starting from Abruzzo and finally arriving in Montenero. “The beast on the SS16”, this is how the first meeting of utility vehicles was called, organized by the Camect association (Costa dei trabocchi vintage car and motorcycle club).
About forty heavy vehicles took part, elderly and perhaps with a few million kilometers in the engine, but still perfectly functional and polished for the occasion. In addition to being endowed with the charm that time gives to vehicles, whether they are cars or, like yesterday, trucks and buses.
After leaving the Euromec workshops in Val di Sangro, the caravan headed towards Montenero following the Statale 16. Here there was the blessing of the assistant parish priest Don Giuseppe and then lunch for all the participants, about two hundred.
All under the curious gaze of passers-by, used to seeing rallies of vintage cars and motorbikes but not also of heavy vehicles.



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