Table tennis (Pro B men). It’s still a failure for Villeneuvois table tennis players in Miramas

A long marathon in five sets, and a turning point in the fourth round won by Jules Cavaillé (16-14). The loss of this showdown had just dashed his adversary’s hopes. With this first point acquired, Amin Ahmadian was not going to give his opponent a present. Zheng Junge noticed the damage and the Villeneuvois won in three sets (11-8, 12-10, 11-5).

Against Nice on Friday

When they returned from the locker room, a completely different match began. Did the PPCV players already have their minds set on the next meeting that awaits them this Friday (7:15 p.m.) against Nice at the Myre-Mory complex? Perhaps, because their most favorable situation would deteriorate over the following meetings. Olajide Omotayo, despite a good start against Paul Lavergne (14-12), suffered a terrible 11-2 in the second set. A cold shower that was fatal to Villeneuvois.

The loss of the following two sets brought the players of Miramas back into the race (2-1). Flamboyant in the first period, Ahmadian suffered the law of He Cheng and the two teams found themselves back to back (2-2). Jules Cavaillé, who had left too much strength in his first match, was not going to be able to give his team this third point. He lost in three sets and the final victory (3-2) went to the Miramas team. The PPCV could harbor many regrets.


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