See VIDEO goal by Águilas Doradas against América de Cali with blooper by Joel Graterol | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

América de Cali loses (2-0) in the first half against the Águilas Doradas in Rionegro, on the first date of the semi-finals of Liga Betplay II-2022.

Robinson Flores was in charge of putting the revelation team of the regular phase ahead, taking advantage of a devastating counterattack down the left flank and an error by goalkeeper Joel Graterol.

Minute 8 passed when the Venezuelan midfielder received a pass from Auli Oliveros, and when he entered the area he punished Graterol with a right hand. Flores defined through the legs of his compatriot, who did not come out very sure to stop the action.

Before going into the break, Marco Pérez extended the advantage with a penalty kick, after a handball from Daniel Quiñones, in an attempt on goal by Marco himself. He charged powerfully and completely fooled Graterol.

So was the goal Robinson Flores8 minutes into the first half, with goalkeeper Graterol’s blooper included:

Mark Perez He was in charge of making it 2-0, from a penalty shot, after a hand in the area. See it:


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