San Andrés Children’s and Youth Basketball Cup

Julio Leon
Last weekend, the 2022 San Andrés Cup for children and youth basketball was held on the fields of Ciudad Universitaria.

In the men’s youth category, the championship was conquered by the host team, San Andrés Oaxaca, by defeating the UABJO while Tec Teposcolula took third place.

And in the men’s youth team, the Canes quintet won the title by beating Mexico City in the decisive clash, and UABJO finished in third position.
While in women’s cadets the place of honor corresponded to Leonas, who defeated the Halcones team in the final, and the Cubs finished in third place.

Regarding the men’s branch of said category, San Andrés Mexico City became champion, Coyotes Xquidi finished in second place and Linces was third.
In turn, on the women’s catwalk, the Halcones quintet were monarchs, Guerreras were runner-up and Abejitas, third; in men, Lagartos lifted the crown, Ceiba Lobos finished in second place and Halcones Xalapa took third place.

In the men’s children’s division, Oaxaca Physical Education conquered supremacy and Ka-hreehtoh finished in second place while in the women’s division the champion was Halcones, Guerreras, runners-up and Abejitas closed in third place.

It was also played in the micro and pacifier categories, where the teams that culminated in the championship were Abejitas and Lagartos, respectively.



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