Rafa Nadal’s masterful reflection on ‘streamers’ and current communication

Rafael Nadal made a sensational reflection on contemporary communication when asked by a journalist in Turin after his last match at the ATP Finals. The tennis player, who won Casper Ruud After being eliminated from the tournament, he said that he cannot comment on the new channels because he belongs to another generation that had not grown up with them. In addition, the Spaniard took the opportunity to thank the journalists for reporting on the sport, especially those who do it from the slopes, because that better adjusts the information to reality.

“In the end, as you know, I am not a great connoisseur of these new technologies and new forms of communication, because perhaps I come from another generation. In that sense, I have not grown up with social networks or with these new communication channels. From there, everyone does their business as they want, which is totally respectable”, began Rafa Nadal’s analysis.

Thank the journalists

In addition, the Spaniard wanted to thank the journalists who follow him: “In a general sense, I cannot say what you have contributed to me, I can say what you have contributed to the athlete. Without you we would go unnoticed. In the end, we only people who were on the slopes would tell the world about what is happening.Today, thanks to people like you, especially those of you who travel several weeks a year, you have the ability to tell stories in a more direct and real way , than the people who don’t travel with us”.

“Those who receive information directly from the player only receive information from one point of view”

Finally, he valued that these journalists give an added and independent value to the information: “There is one thing in journalism that is very important from my point of view and this is to see the face of the player, to see the training, to see the state of mind and sport Surely, you who have seen me train in previous days, have seen me well. How I saw myself, but it is not what has been reflected on the track. Probably, those who had not been here would have said that I was not well prepared for the tournament, and it is not necessarily like that. It does not fit reality. Those who receive the information directly from the player, only receive the information from one point of view. You, what you transmit, do it from the reality of the player and You can tell the story from different points of view. It is the grace of journalism, that each one tells his story from a personal point of view, having the necessary information to be able to tell it. We are bigger or smaller on the track, but without you we would be much less”.



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