PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Thursday November 24 at Vincennes: Fée de Ranchval is talking about her again

Arrival of the fifth: 13 – 7 – 16 – 14 – 4

After an attractive start to the season, Ranchval Fairy (No. 13) has seemed less sharp on its last outings. “She arrived two weeks ago in Grosbois where Thomas (Lebrec) is taking care of her. She’s really the mare to be there, ”says her trainer Emmanuel Varin to explain the good performance, at Paris-Vincennes, of her mare, who won the second quinté of her career. This change of environment did him the greatest good. “It was cold during the course but it sprang well to finish, continues the developer who has 18 successes in this category. Qualified as a “super brave” mare by the person concerned, she allows Matthieu Abrivard, her pilot, to win her 152nd quinté.

In a hotly contested finish, second place finally went to Falco Berry (n° 7), which was very courageous in the final phase. Initially third, Favorite of Iton (n° 1) is disqualified after investigation and leaves her place on the podium to the favorite of the race, Flower Ball (n° 16), which took advantage of a tight rope to finish well. Unhappy in the final stage, Hope of Elphigny (#14) and good dragstero (No. 4), complete the correct combination of the fifth in this order.

Kévin Romain indicated the trifecta in the disorder in three horses just like Halim Bouakkaz, who also proposed the quartet in the disorder.



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