“Playing with your home team is a difficult feeling to match”

At 31 years old, he has reached the optimum moment of maturity, he is the captain of Lobe Huesca La Magia – el Peñas – his benchmark on and off the track, the best player on the last day and the most valued player in the LEB Plata. He also a future civil guard.I enjoy basketball, it’s my life, but it’s not going to make me rich. I want to extend my career as long as I can while the injuries respect me, but when it’s over I’ll have to work. Although I did Teaching, I don’t see myself exercising. I am preparing the oppositions for the Civil Guard. It comes from my family, my father and grandfather were and I have it quite clear, I have always seen it at home. I’m studying and I’ve already signed up for an academy so that I can take an exam in two or three years.

Beyond the family tradition, what has moved you to opt for this path?His spirit, helping people. In addition, I am very clear that work is to live and not the other way around. This profession allowed my father to be happy and to be with us. For me, family comes before everything.

Meanwhile, he has managed to be a prophet in his land, something that is not always easy in professional sports.I am reaping the fruits of the effort and sacrifice of many years, it cost me that they begin to trust me. Many times you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is difficult to continue working, but it ends up paying off. I am at a time when I have to enjoy myself and that everything I have given to basketball is returned to me.

Why do you think it is generally difficult to bet on the people of the house?It seems that what comes from outside is better. You also have to take into account that you pay these players money and I understand that the coaches are a little more excused if they don’t get the results with what they have been brought. It’s not easy to put in an inexperienced guy because the stakes are high. Even so, the canteranos can also contribute. You make efforts, you look for the good of the team, you are at home, everyone knows you and they stop you on the street. It is something very special, a feeling that is difficult to match. There are bad moments, but when things go well you enjoy it twice as much.

Is that feeling you are talking about what makes the hard and the mature ones be?After the hard relegation last season, which was surrounded by many extra-sports complications, I could have left, but I stayed. They have given him the opportunity to train a good friend, Santi Cerdán, and he wanted to help him. I also trusted the club’s promise that things were going to be done better and for now it’s being fulfilled. In Huesca I have my family, I can be with my friends, celebrate my sister’s birthday… Here when I play I fight to win games and for something else.

He debuted with the first team in 2009-10 and in 2017 he packed his bags to go through Alicante, Logroño and Pamplona until he returned two seasons ago.I noticed that in your house you give an extra point that sometimes is not valued enough and that, on the other hand, if you do it outside, they immediately see it as something important. The canteranos seem to have to do more to have the same minutes or the same salary. Due to my circumstances I needed to return and I have felt more respect and affection. It was very good for me to leave, because on the return it was noted that it was not only the statistics that had to be taken into account, there are many intangibles.

Do you find common ground between basketball and being a Civil Guard agent?I think so. My character is linked to sports and people tell me that being a civil guard also hits me. I have been educated in discipline, in doing things well, always giving my best, being a good person. In short, be straight.


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