Municipality of Querétaro, invited to the Bajío BJX Film Festival

Querétaro, November 24, 2022.- The Municipality of Querétaro, through its Ministry of Culture, was a special guest of the second edition of the Bajío BJX International Film Festival, in Guanajuato capital.

Within this framework, the Secretary of Culture, Teresa García García Besné, on behalf of the Municipal President Luis Nava, donated the exhibition “Cinefilia Gráfica” as a sample of the artistic wealth that has been carried out in the capital of Queretaro.

The official highlighted that, as part of the twinning that exists between these two cities, and in order to contribute the cultural wealth and legacy that is available in film matters in the city of Querétaro, the municipality will be participating with “Casa Querétaro” .

This contribution was installed in the Casa de la Cultura Guanajuato, which is part of the alternate venues of the Festival and which houses three exhibitions.

Among them is “Cinefilia Gráfica”, composed of 12 works by Nando Murio made in the cinematographic screen printing workshop of the Casa de Cultura Ignacio Mena Rosales, which has been developed for exhibitions at the Cineteca Rosalío Solano.

“Today we are very happy to be able to bring a sample of the film poster that has been made at the Casa de Cultura Ignacio Mena, the house that has the most important screen printing workshop in Querétaro and that shows the vision work of Nando Murio, a great artist who works on posters with a very careful vision (…) On behalf of our Mayor Luis Bernardo Nava, we have the task of donating this series of posters to the Municipality of Guanajuato”, he explained.

For his part, the Municipal President of Guanajuato, Alejandro Navarro Saldaña, thanked the Municipality of Querétaro for its cultural contribution, in addition to indicating that it is important to develop cultural projects between these two cities.

This exchange, he said, will serve to enrich the film projection through festivals like this one, which he said has been developed thanks to the support of various instances.

This is the second edition of the Bajío International Film Festival, and this time it seeks to show the great treasures of this city, from November 23 to 27.

The donated work is made up of the following posters: The wild region in two inks silkscreen, The wild region in four inks, William, the new judo master in two inks, William, the new judo master in six inks, Matria in Two-color silkscreen, Matria four-color.

In addition to Treasures in two inks, Treasures in four inks, The Iron Fist, silkscreen printing in two inks, The Iron Fist in four inks, First Anniversary of the Cineteca Rosalío Solano Our Time in silkscreen printing in four inks and Crash in silkscreen printing in one ink.



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