Míchel: “Against Elche is not a cheat match because we don’t consider ourselves superior”

The Girona does not recover any of the injured for tomorrow evening’s game at the field ofElx. Thus, Couto, Reinier, Juanpe will not be there, Borja Garciasaid he Samu Saiz. Míchel recognizes that the team “has improved” and that it is now “more compact” to see little by little “the best version”. The technician assures that he does not know “how Elx will play” now that the coach Jorge Almiron has resigned The technical secretary Sergio Mantecon he will be in charge of directing the illegality group tomorrow.


“We analyzed Elx’s game with Almirón. Now we don’t know how he will play, but it’s a very good squad. We always look at ourselves, which is the most important thing. Obviously, I always analyze the opponent and their characteristics. Now it’s hard to know how they will play. We are the humblest team in the category and every game is a war».


“It’s not a cheat match, because all the Elche players are very good. It would be a trap if we thought we were superior and that is not the case. This must be demonstrated on the field, where performance is most important. We have to think that our moment is good and that we have competed against all the rivals in the category, except perhaps the Royal Society, who beat us in the game. I expect a very difficult match, although we are capable of solving it”.


“The atmosphere is the same. The result against Athletic was very good and so were the feelings. It was our best version of the year and I want to continue the same, because the team needs it to win any game».


“He is a top player. he, Oriole, all the signings have improved the squad and my responsibility is that they get the performance they can all give. We have improved and are a more compact team. Little by little, our best version is being seen».


“It will be good because we have players like Juanpe, Couto, Borja, Ibra and Reinier who are injured and will have time to recover. Juanpe and Borja are shield players, very important in the dressing room and for the team. The shutdown will be good in this regard. We will give fifteen days of vacation and then we will have a normal and necessary pre-season. Maybe Riquelme, Gutiérrez and Arnau go with the under 21 i Herrera with Venezuela».


«Quique Prison he is the best at seeing the team’s problems and his boss already knows what to do. As always, teams are dynamic and players come and go. If this happens, we hope it will be for the better.”


“Girona wanted to go up to First and we are already there. It took us three years, but we’re there and now we want to be there for a long time.”


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