Germany plays against Spain 1:1

Et was, again, not good at all for the German team. With almost 70 minutes played at al-Khor’s al-Bayt Stadium, Hansi Flick’s side were 1-0 down against Spain. That wouldn’t have meant the end of this World Cup, as previously feared, but it would have been a precarious starting position for the last group game on Thursday against Costa Rica.

Then something happened, first on the sidelines, then also in the German game. The national coach changed three players at once, and all of a sudden the German offensive game seemed changed. Within a few minutes, Jamal Musiala and Niclas Füllkrug, who had just stepped onto the pitch, made two extremely dangerous attempts at the Spanish goal. The third time it clicked – or rather: boom.

Füllkrug’s shot slammed into the net with full force after Musialas weaved through space and opponents. Germany had a goal, a point – and maybe a plan for the further course of this World Cup. After Alvaro Morata went behind in the 62nd minute, the draw was certainly an encouragement – ​​and also a reward for a performance that was playful for long stretches but highly committed. A win against Costa Rica, if Spain also beat Japan at the same time, would qualify them for the round of 16. In the case of a Spanish draw, it would have to be a win by at least two goals.

In the afternoon, the first Sunday in Advent brought the Germans an unexpected gift. Costa Rica’s surprise win over Japan meant the worst-case scenario of elimination after just two games was out of the question. Now it was up to them to take a step in the right direction. After 90 minutes there was good news and bad news. The bad: The Germans were shown the limits at times by a Spanish team that was better in many respects.



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