Dollar today: The currency continues to fall and was close to $4,700 | Out of Soccer

The dollar in Colombia continues to experience a slight drop in its price and this Monday it stood at $4,828 pesos, which means a decrease of 37 pesos compared to last Friday’s price when it was $4,865 pesos.

The drop in the price of the currency comes from last week, in a day where the Next Day operation was handled due to the fact that Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in the United States, a holiday in that country.

For its part, the US currency managed an average price of $4,840 pesos, which is below the Representative Market Rate, which was set by the Financial Superintendence at $4,881 pesos.

In this way, the TRM in the country for this Tuesday will be close to $4,800 and at the end of the week, if the downward trend continues, the currency could touch $4,700.

For its part, the dollar, although it is at low levels, it is not ruled out that it will hit a rebound in its price as a result of what is happening in China, where the cases of Covid 19 have increased and there are protests over the restrictions imposed by the Government. which may cause the partial closure of that market.

It should be noted that at the local level, several decisions will begin to be made in December, such as the Minimum Wage, which is an item to be taken into account for the country’s economy.


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