Cesana will be the European capital of Archery in 2023

Cesana Torinese, capital of archery. Now it’s official: the Archery European Championships 2023 they will be held in Cesana Torinese in September 2023. More precisely from 15 to 22 September 2023 the European Field Shooting Championships will take place and the 3D European Championships will take place from 23 to 30.

Exactly one year after the double Piedmontese European appointment, on Saturday 17 September the official logos of the two events that will bring archery of the 3D disciplines and the Campaign to the Olympic Mountains were unveiled at the Municipality of Cesana Torinese.

The ceremony was attended by on Deputy Mayor of Cesana Marco Vottero which is delegated to Tourism and Sport, the President Fitarco and World Archery Europe Mario Scarzellail President of the Organizing Committee (as well as President of Fitarco Piemonte) Paolo Ferreroil Competition Manager Gabriele Giovineil Coach of the Italian national team Giorgio Botto and the creator of the logos Cristina Piazzi e Mario Masuccifor years promoter of archery in the area.

A double event that will therefore see Italy not only involved in the race but also the protagonist of the entire organizational machine, now underway.


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