Versus / Paola Ferrari leads a fantastic comeback for Paraguay in basketball

Odesur Games 2022

5 Oct 22:40

The Paraguayan women’s basketball team staged a fantastic comeback against Bolivia, in the premiere of the Odesur 2022 games.

Paraguay began with many complications; In fact, he lost the first three quarters, but in the last period, he aroused all the rebellion and always having Paola Ferrari as the leader, he ended up closing an indisputable score of 77 to 61.

Paola Ferrari was the top scorer for the Paraguayan team with 22 points and the great Guarani figure rarely only made a triple. “Matu” Peralta and Tamara Insfrán followed Ferrari’s pace with 17 units, key to sustaining hope until the last.

Paraguay’s next game will be this Thursday at 7:30 p.m., again at the SND Arena.

The Paraguayan team is an almost certain candidate to fight for a medal in women’s basketball, along with Uruguay, which won from the start against Chile and Colombia, a team that was released on the first day.


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Closure 2022

5 Oct 22:03

Olimpia beat Tacuary 1-0 with many complications in Para Uno and continues to fight at the top of the tournament. The Dean suffered a lot and had to rely on a great task from goalkeeper Gastón Olveira to maintain the advantage that he had taken very early.

The Dean took advantage of his moment in the game, mainly in the first minutes, when Brian Montenegro applied an accurate header to liquidate Carlos Servin’s resistance.

Tacuary was not far behind and came out to challenge the local. With Iván Valdez, Gustavo Aguilar and Marcelo Fernández, who had entered early for Valdecí Moreira, they created enormous problems with speed and mobility above all.

Olimpia was saved in great passages by Gastón Olveira, of an impeccable task. Fernández had a couple of very clear shots and counterattacks in the first stage, but the Uruguayan goalkeeper was impenetrable.

El Franjeado had to close the first half with a clearer lead, but Carlos Servín tapped a penalty to Alejandro Silva, who missed a penalty for the second time in Paraguayan football.

In the complementary round, Tacuary changed his tactical system more than once and dominated a large part of the offensive actions, with a much more prominent Biancucchi.

The aerial game was another strength of the Barrio Jara team, with the defenders and also Gustavo Aguilar. But Olveira easily took four very clear scoring chances in the extra and kept the Dean alive.

Julio Cáceres’ team also had huge spaces and accurate counterattacks to sentence before time, but both Derlis González and Guillermo Paiva were not accurate.

At the end of the “Tacua” charged in a hurry, without much clarity, but it was not enough to find the tie.

  • Gaston Olveira

  • Victor Salazar

  • Matthew Gamarra

  • Saul Salcedo

  • Luis Zarate

  • Ivan Torres

  • Fernando Cardozo

  • Sergio Otalvaro

  • Mark Gomez

  • Alexander Silva

  • Edgardo Orzusa

  • Hugo Fernandez

  • William Paiva

  • Derlis Gonzalez

  • Brian Montenegro
  • Julio Caceres

  • Carlos Servin

  • Luis Martinez

  • Rodney Pedrozo

  • Thomas Guerrero

  • Nery Bareiro

  • Emanuel Biancucchi

  • Marcelo Paredes

  • Marcos Benitez

  • George Ortega

  • Valdeci Moreira

  • Marcelo Fernandez

  • Ivan Valdez

  • Gustavo Aguilar
  • Ivan Almeida


Closure 2022

5 Oct 20:44

Ameliano’s striker, Pablo Zeballos, had a very particular reception as always in the New Pot and not to lose the custom, even his clothing generated controversy.

All of Ameliano’s players entered the field of play wearing warm-up shirts, but Zeballos was the only one who put on a jacket to step onto the pitch, implying that he was cold in the Nueva Olla and that generated a reaction from the azulgranas, who They saw it as a provocation.

For many it was something on purpose to increase that difference that exists with the fans of Cerro and for others it was a simple coincidence, since the weather was getting cooler and cooler.

As always, “PZ” provokes all kinds of reactions from the fans of the Cyclone, since it has been identified much more with Olimpia in recent times.

Photo: Roberto Zarza




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