“Two such performances together show you how good Desmond Bane is”

Unlike his backcourt sidekick, Desmond Bane had started the season slowly with 3 first complicated performances since he posted 14.7 points to a horrible 13/49 in shooting including an 8/28 at 3-pts. But on the last two outings of the Grizzlies the back is on fire! He planted 38 points at 14/21 against the Nets, including an 8/11 behind the arc, and tonight he bent the Kings with 31 points at 6/8 at 3-pts.

“The shots are coming in,” said Desmond Bane. “At the start of the season I had the same positions and now I have somehow found my legs and the shots are coming in. »

He becomes just the second player in Grizzlies history to score at least 30 points with 5 3-point shots while shooting at least 60% shooting and at least 70% from long range. The other is Mike Miller. In the NBA alone Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash et Dion Waiters also made it.

“To string two such performances together shows you how good he is,” Ja Morant said of Bane. “I don’t think there’s any need for me to talk about it when you can all see it. »

“Those are two great performances,” said Taylor Jenkins. “He has been playing very well since the start of the season. I think his defense was also really good. When he’s in that area, he’s hard to stop. »

With now 4 wins in 5 games, the Grizzlies join the Blazers and the Jazz leading the Western Conference.



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