Gerard Piqué would be destroyed and his mother faced Shakira in a baseball game

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The separation of Shakira y Gerard Piqué continues to provide chapters to this intense novel that was created after the Catalan player be accused of infidelity. Although, just a few weeks later, Gerard was shown in public with Clara Chía Marti.

From there, a great dispute began between the Colombian singer and the Barcelona footballer for the custody of their children, although now the artist from Barranquilla you could take your children to live in Miami, in the United States.

Gerard Piqué. Source: (Twitter)

This latest news would have destroyed the Catalan player and his mother, Bernaveu, did not hesitate to confront the monotony singer. The mother of Gerard Piqué met with Shakira at a baseball game in Milan and told him that Clara Chía Marti is an “educated and adorable” woman.

According to journalist Jordi Marti, who has been following the scandal from the start, he assured that although the mother’s statements were Pique could be misunderstood, it was not his intention to bother the Colombian singer.

Gerard Pique and Shakira. Source: (Twitter)

Bernaveu would have tried to leave calm to Shakira so that you know that your children are accompanied by a good woman when they visit Pique. However, at colombian The mention of Clara would not have pleased him.

Shakira. Fuente: (Twitter)

Piqué spends a fortune on Clara Chía Marti

It’s been months since Shakira y Gerard Piqué reported their separation for the sake of their children, but the Catalan footballer He did not wait too long and began to show himself with his new love. Clara Chía Marti would have totally fallen in love with the defender of culé to the point that Pique a fortune is spent on it.

As it turned out, the Catalan footballer offered to pay for Clara’s studies at one of the most prestigious institutes in Spain and is taking a large investment from defender.


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