One dead in the serious incidents of the match between Gimnasia and Boca Juniors

And dead fan for cardiorespiratory arrest is the tragic preliminary balance of the serious incidents that on Thursday caused the suspension of the duel between Gymnastics and Fencing y Boca Juniorsfor the Professional League-2022 of Argentine soccer.

The game was suspended 9 minutes into the first half due to serious riots occurred outside the compound that affected the development of the duel that was played in the stadium Carmelo Zerilloin At paymentabout 50 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.

“I confirm that there is a dead person. This person dies of cardiac arrest,” said Sergio Berni, Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires. The authorities of Hospital San Martin de La Plata confirmed the death of César Regueiro, 57, due to cardiorespiratory arrest while being transferred from the Gimnasia stadium to the health center.

the duel was canceled until further notice “due to lack of guarantees”, as announced by the referee Hernan Strangelominutes after the players and coaching staff retired to the locker room.

The incidents started with violent crossings outside the stadiumwhen the Policia repressed with rubber bullets and tear gas to fans struggling to get into an already packed stadium.

The match was the most important of the date 23, four days from the end, with a Gimnasia that at home played the last chance of fight for the titlewhile Boca was looking for a victory to return to the top of the championship.

“What was going to be a party ends in this, what happened hurts us all, it’s tremendous and we regret it,” said the Manager of Boca Juniors, Hugo Ibarra, to journalists. With a full stadium, the incidents began when the public continued to arrive determined to enter, which triggered the police to close the accesses and repress to prevent new admissions, according to the first reports.

In the stadium shots were heard and the gas smoke He quickly reached the field of play. The soccer players, the referee and members of the technical bodies, they had to quickly leave the fieldat the same time that fans entered the field in search of an exit and fresher airsince the accesses of the field were closed.

In the argentinian soccer the league matches are played without visiting publicwhich did not prevent some members of the Boca squad from helping rival fans with water.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) issued a statement in which it “strongly repudiated the publicly known events that occurred today in the vicinity of the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata stadium” and expressed “its commitment to continue working to eradicate this kind of episode that tarnishes the football festival.”



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