Nippon Lohnde at the DKKF federal course 2022 in Worms – Seelze

This year’s federal course of our association German Martial Arts Federation (DKKF) was organized by the Sambo Team Worms in the historic city of Worms. Nippon Lohnde was there with 11 participants from the Judo and TaeKwonDo division.
First of all, it should be said that the Sambo team also made history with the great cake buffet alone. After the welcome by the association chairman Klaus Härtel and the hosts from the Sambo Team Worms by Simon Klingler and Thorsten Pillong, around 100 participants had the opportunity to gain insights into different martial arts from various masters. As speakers they passed on their knowledge: Klaus Haertel 10th Dan (Jiu-Jitsu), Jörg Knust 7th Dan (karate defense against bad kicks), Michael Schumann 6th Dan (TaeKwonDo punch and kicking techniques in self-defense), Uwe Möhring 12. Degree (FIST lever with nerve pressure points), Harald Lieder 3rd Dan (Sambo floor techniques), Andrej Malikov 2nd Dan (Sambo), Chai Ruppenthal Master (Muay Thai Boran)
Gabriele Freiberg 4th Dan had a special program item to offer. There was something for everyone with a lot of fun and sweat during the training for children, young people, children’s trainers and the young at heart.
At the end of the course, the children from the Sambo Team Worms, led by Simon Klingler 6th Dan, showed their skills with a great performance, for which they were rewarded with plenty of applause.
A nice course ended with a joint barbecue in the clubhouse.
Nippon Lohnde thanks the Sambo Team Worms for the organization and the shown hospitality.

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