Nike is the next company to cut off cooperation with the Canadian Hockey Association

Hockey Canada has been under fire since May when it was revealed it had agreed to an out-of-court settlement with a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted in a hotel room by members of the 2018 World Cup under-20 hockey team.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also criticized the union for its approach to the affair, and the federal government froze financial support for the organization. Despite this, Hockey Canada interim chair Andrea Skinner defended the current leadership led by chief executive and president Scott Smith in the media this week, prompting a response from Nike.

“After further investigating Hockey Canada’s response, we have severed relations with the federation and suspended support for it. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and await more information regarding how Hockey Canada will respond to the results of the investigation and create a safe environment for athletes,” they said in a statement. statement by representatives of one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturers.


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