NBA: Spurs sack 19-year-old Josh Primo for “inappropriate conduct” towards various female staff

A storm hits i San Antonio Spursthe “model deductible” of the NBA par excellence of the last 25 years. The Texans in fact cut by surprise Josh Primoa talented 19-year-old Canadian guard for whom they had spent the choice absolute number 12 of the 2021 Draft and of which they had just exercised the $ 4.3 million option for his fourth year of contract. The reasons were not disclosed by them Spurs but, according to a report by Ramona Shelbourne from ESPNeverything would be one “inappropriate conduct” boy’s towards some women within the deductible.

ESPN reports that a well-known attorney, Tony Buzbeelawyer for several women who accused the quarterback of sexual harassment DeShaun Watsonwould have been hired by a person who worked at the San Antonio Spurs and who would have confessed that Josh Primo he would strip naked in front of her. Not once, but several times and with several female people.


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A bolt from the blue for the Spurs and for the NBAgiven the potential of the talent who, before declaring himself in the Draft, had only played one year in college ad Alabama. Josh Primo he did not comment but yesterday, again via ESPN, he made it known that he needed time to treat his mental health: “In the past I have sought help to overcome a personal trauma suffered in the past and now I have decided to take the time to fully dedicate myself to the treatments necessary for my mental health. I hope to be able to discuss these issues in more depth in the future, so that I can help other people who are in the same situation as me“.

This is the only comment of the San Antonio Spurs on the decision to dismiss Primoarrived through the plenipotentiary RC Buford: “Our hope is that, in the long run, this decision will be in the best interest of both our organization and Joshua“.

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