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Respect and leadership go hand in hand.

Leadership, broadly defined, is not a reserved or exclusive responsibility of senior management.

Through judo “the way of flexibility”, we can discover that leadership does not only depend on power and strength, it depends on intelligence, skills and our ability to adapt.

Shoot when we pull you, pull when we pull you

the best strategy is to adapt flexibly and intelligently to the maneuvers of the adversary in order to use his strength

Judo, an innovative response

Judo as a metaphor to describe the commercial strategy and the modes of competition of certain companies vis-a-vis others solidly anchored in the era of Internet. The best strategy is to adapt with flexibility and intelligence to the maneuvers of the adversary in order to use the force behind him

Give in to win, win-win approach

What is a negotiation, if not the search for the opponent’s imbalance to launch our game of offers and counter-offers?


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