It’s over for the French at the Paris beach Pro tour

For their debut on the world circuit, the former indoor receivers-attackers left Roland-Garros frustrated with their results, but with plenty of lessons.

Remi Bassereau: “Maybe this is the game (Friday night, loss 21-18, 21-12) where we struggle the most, we didn’t take a score like in the second. It’s a little hard to take scores like that, playing for nothing makes me swell. We work, but it lacks automation. I think that physically and technically we have the stuff, but in terms of stability and decision-making, it takes time, especially with the coaches, because we don’t pick up on everything on our own. »

Julien Lyneel: “The results are positive, even if we took 12 in the last set of the last match, it sucks to let go. In our first tournament we played the top 2 and 3 in the world, we know what we have left to do and work on. It is very enriching. We have a lot of things to discover, to automate, lots of moves to develop, we are aware of that. »

Regrets for Krou – Gauthier-Rat

With : 1 win and 2 losses (after 2 wins in qualifying)

Their defeat Thursday against the Qatari Ahmed-Cherif, 8th in the world, 18-16 in the tie-break, cost them qualification. But they only want to remember the positive.

Youssef Krou: “Thirty minutes of play, we take a nice knockout (against the Italians Nicolai-Cottafava, 21-12, 21-15 Friday afternoon), especially on my side out which was not very consistent. We are a little disappointed, but overall happy with our performance in this tournament. »

Arnaud Gauthier-Rat : “A small match below and it is the punishment directly, it shows the international level. If we refer to the results that allow a team to qualify for the Olympic Games, 3rd in pool is in the world top 12, it is a result that qualifies a team. It takes 12 results like that over two years to qualify. Before the start of the race for the Olympic Games, it is interesting to see that we are already able to achieve results like that. »

Alexia Richard and Lezana Placette have won a victory at Roland-Garros. (P. Lahalle/The Team)

The sinking then the burst for Richard-Placette

With: 2 losses and 1 victory

Third in their group, the two French women recovered on Friday evening against the Italians Menegatti-Gottardi, winners in the tie-break (19-21, 21-13, 16-14). But they appeared too fair to worry their two Swiss opponents and hope for a top 8.

Alexia Richard : “The objective was to play liberated (on the 3rd and last game), we didn’t manage to do it in previous matches, and I think it showed. Today we see that when we decide to play with our weapons, I’m talking about the mind, to be thorough, to shout, to let our emotions take place, we are a great team. I’m happy because after our first two matches, I guarantee you it wasn’t easy. What is important is to know how to raise your head, and I leave the field with my head held high. »

Lezana Square: “We were pushed by the public, we used it this time, unlike the two previous matches. It was important for us to show that we have the level of Elite 16 and that we have honored the invitation that we received. It will push us forward. And we are lucky to be able to say that we won a match at Roland-Garros, not everyone can say that (she laughs). »



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