fortune that has Martin Braithwaite, forward of Denmark

With 3 goals in 6 games played in the recent season, Martin Braithwaite signs an acceptable sporting present, in which He went from being a substitute with very few minutes in Barcelona to be one of the fixtures in Espanyol’s starting eleven.

The 31-year-old Danish striker changed sides in Catalonia (spain) in the summer market, by not entering into Xavi Hernández’s plans, and gave priority to his career, considering that the Qatar World Cup 2022 It is just around the corner.

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Beyond his goals, Braithwaite achieved great recognition in Europe because in 2020 Forbes revealed that he was the second richest footballer in Barcelona, ​​only below Lionel Messi.

As explained by the magazine specializing in finance and business, the striker invested part of his football earnings in a real estate deal with his uncle in the United Stateswhich, at that time, was valued at 250 million euros.

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In fact, in the magazine they emphasized that Braithwaite, in addition to the investments, has a clothing company and owns a restaurant in Barcelona.

See here some plays of Martin Braithwaite:


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